State Representative Autumn Burke speaks about SB 50

There will be a homeowners association meeting for another zone of the MVCC taking place on April 25th. State Representative Autumn Burke will be there speaking about SB 50 - and it would be great for the members of our community there as well to listen to what she has to say and give her feedback about our opposition to it.

We have two very important issues at this meeting.

First, the 7-story, 83-foot tall 12444 Venice project is back - with a new developer! Please come and hear about the new developer’s proposal. Once built, the project will become a “blueprint” for our area’s future development.

Second, we will hear from a representative of our Assembly Member, Autumn Burke, about Senate Bill 50 which will create a right for developers to buy a single-family home, knock it down and build a multi-story apartment building housing dozens of people on the same small lot, if the lot is within a half-mile of a “major transit corridor”. In our area, preliminary analysis shows, homes within a half mile of Venice Boulevard, between roughly Palms and Zanja, from Centinela to Lincoln, will be affected. City Councils will lose most authority to regulate such new uses and neighbors will lose most of their current ability to seek a development appropriate for their neighborhood.

A copy of the agenda is also enclosed. It will also be posted on their website -