What is the Westside Village
Homeowners Association?

This non-profit, non-partisan organization was founded in 1961. The annual membership dues are nominal and help support a dedicated group of volunteers to give members the following benefits:

  • Preserve and improve property values.
  • Members attend and participate in government and developer meetings to make sure changes in zoning and other governmental regulations improve and enhance the area. Issues that may impact the area negatively are communicated to the area residents, and the interests of homeowners are presented to commissioners and boards.
  • Secure necessary public improvements.
  • Close contact with elected officials, governmental agencies and other neighborhood Homeowner Associations help to bring a fair share of public improvements to the area. These include street improvements, noise abatement, public transportation, school infrastructure and police resources.
  • Promote health and safety measures such as crime prevention, disaster preparedness and local traffic modification.
  • Support an active Neighborhood Watch program with constant communication with LAPD.
  • WVHA produces and distributes at least two newsletters a year that report on the latest issues affecting homeowners as well as a crime report and interesting facts and stories about our local residents.

Our Mission

To maintain and improve the quality of life in Westside Village by:

  1. Developing and fostering community spirit and participation of residents in community activities and civic affairs;
  2. Securing necessary public improvements;
  3. Promoting health and safety measures;
  4. Communicating with public officials in order to ensure our needs are met;
  5. Preserving and improving property values.

Westside Village Homeowners Association structure:

The organization is governed by a board of ten directors and four officers: President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. Each year there are a minimum of three board meetings.

A general association meeting is held annually during the first quarter each year. All general Association meetings are open to the public and each household has one vote.

The Organization does not promote any politician and is non-partisan.

Who can join?

Any homeowner or tenant of the approximately 1,100 single family homes within the area bounded by National Boulevard, Overland Avenue, Sepulveda Boulevard and Charnock Road.

WestsideVillage Map.jpg

Westside Village is Zone 1 of the Mar Vista Community Council (MVCC). Additionally, Westside Village residents are also welcome to participate in Palms Neighborhood Council (PNC) activities.

We also invite you to participate in the Association:

We always welcome participation, whether as a Board member, committee member, block captain or assisting the block captain. Your help goes a long way to keeping our community a wonderful place to live.

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