Suspicious incident on Kelton

A neighbor reported a suspicious incident that occurred Tuesday evening, around 8 PM on the 3200 block of Kelton.


The resident was sitting in their front yard behind a tall fence when a car pulled up and two men got out. The resident couldn't see them because of the fence, but heard enough to know they were just lingering in front of the house.

One of the owner's dogs growled and she heard one of the men say "There are two dogs." A pause then he said to the other "they smell your fear." They lingered some more, then one got into the car and pulled across the street to park between two houses. After a few minutes, the car backed up to be directly in front of one of the houses.  The car and men just stayed in front of the neighbors' house, one in the car, one outside it, for about ten minutes.

The resident's husband came out and she told him what was happening. He looked  over our fence and the two men saw him. The guy outside the car got in, and the two men drove away. 

To the resident it felt like they were checking out the area. 

Details: Young, African-American, one wearing a gray hoodie pulled over his head. Car was a newish silver Camry.

The neighbor called the LAPD non-emergency number but gave up after being on an endless hold.  The nature of these individuals' behavior is suspicious and consistent with activity prior to some of the recent break-ins in Westside Village.  If you happen to see activity similar to that described above please call 911 and convey there have been several break-ins in our area recently and these individuals have been seen watching houses in a suspicious manner and you'd like LAPD to come by to investigate.