Emergency Communications: Our Phones Are Out, Now What?

In a regional emergency such as an earthquake, our communications systems—cell phones, land lines, and Internet— likely will fail.

FRS (Family Radio Service) radios, which are small, portable hand-held devices that function similar to walkie-talkies, work well for short range communication. They are an important part of your family’s disaster preparedness kit. Anyone who uses a mobile phone can, with a little train- ing and practice (and fresh batteries), become a good FRS radio communicator. Learn how to use your FRS radio and practice your skills in a simulated emergency drill.

Bring your FRS radios and batteries to our Emergency Communications Training:

Saturday, August 18
9:00am to noon
Meet on the lawn in front of Palms Middle School
10860 Woodbine Street,
between Kelton and Glendon

Sign up at:

https://www.eventbrite.com/e/palmswestside-village-disast er-communications-training-exercise-hands-only-cpr-tickets -48320290289


Buying your FRS radio:

You can buy handheld radios at most hardware and sporting goods stores, disaster suppliers, and general merchandise stores, as well as online.

NOTE: FRS radio operators don’t require a license but users of similar, more powerful, GMRS two-way radios must have an FCC (Federal Communications Commission)-issued license. Some devices are marketed as "FRS/GMRS" or "dual-service devices" but, if you operate such a radio exclusively under FRS rules, you don’t need a license.

Click image below to download flier: